26 September 2024 – 23 March 2025
Images and Significance in the Work of the Rhineland Expressionists

There was hardly a time when artists' rendering of the Rhine was more varied than in the first decades of the 20th century. As a motif, the great river was depicted from a wide range of perspectives, above all, in numerous works by the young avant-garde artists who primarily figure as Rhineland Expressionists. On the one hand, this was the result of the many new artistic currents that came together to influence the artists' creative development and, on the other hand, because of the enormous political, economic, and social upheavals then occurring in the Rhineland.

With works by August Deusser, Herm Dienz, Hans Dornbach, Ernst Isselmann, Franz M. Jansen, Fifi Kreutzer, August Macke, Helmut Macke, Carlo Mense, Alexander Mohr, Walter Ophey, Henriette Schmidt-Bonn, Paul A. Seehaus, Hans Thuar, Hans Trimborn, and others.

Franz M. Jansen
Steamer (Tugboat), 1913
Etching 14.3 x 17 cm, from the series "INDUSTRY,“ artist's proof
Museum August Macke Haus, on permanent loan from private collection