04.02. – 18.09.2022

AUGUST MACKE - Encounters

August Macke was a person of charismatic radiance. Strongly impressing contemporaries and companions, his temperament projected forcefulness, enthusiasm, and a delight in life's pleasures. Macke's much vaunted communication talents and his capability for genuine, unselfish friendship helped him build a large circle of friends and artists. At the same time his deep love for Elisabeth was a determining force in his life and work.

Our Exhibition makes use of significant works and documents to trace some of the artist's most important contacts and bonds of friendship in the Rhineland. Alongside specific circles of Rhineland Expressionist artists, Arthur Samuel is introduced. Samuel was not only a prestigious physician and musician in Bonn but was also the leader of Bonn's Jewish community up to 1938. Our Show additionally highlights August Macke's first patron, Alfred Schütte, and his only student, Paul Adolf Seehaus.

Several works that entered our collection as gifts or permanent loans after the Museum's expansion in 2017 are presented for the first time in this context.

August Macke
Still life: Hyacinths Carpet, 1911 
Oil on Canvas, 70 x 120 cm 
Museum August Macke Haus, on permanent loan from private collection 
(Photo: Museum August Macke Haus)