August Macke House

Macke family, 1913

The August Macke House in Bonn is the former home and studio of August Macke. The artist lived here with his family from the beginning of 1911 to August 1914.

In 1900 the Macke family moved to Bonn which then became the center of young August Macke's life. It was here that he and his future wife Elisabeth met each other in 1903 when both of them were still in school. And it was in Bonn that August Macke matured and developed into a widely known and admired artist.

In the autumn of 1910, when the young couple and their little son Walter returned to Bonn from the Tegernsee, Elisabeth's family gave them the late-classicist house on Bornheimer Strasse to live in. The house was located at what was then the outskirts of town, on the large premises of the company owned and operated by the Gerhardt family.

The top story was redone into a studio in accordance with the wishes and instructions of August Macke. It was here that he received his artist friends, among whom were Robert Delaunay, Max Ernst, and Franz Marc.  

August Macke's most famous paintings were done here, as well as numerous works that show his view from the studio window onto the large garden and to the home's immediate surroundings. In addition, the artist created sculptures and designed craftworks here. Together with Franz Marc, Macke painted the 4 x 2 meter programmatic ›Paradise‹ on the wall of the studio in the autumn of 1912.

Thanks to the civic spirit and hard work of a group of individuals the house was preserved, and since 1991 has been accessible to the public as a museum and exhibition site. It is operated by the Verein August Macke Haus e.V. and financed by the Stiftung August Macke Haus der Sparkasse in Bonn.

The August Macke house not only gives visitors a feeling for the private, very personal aura of the artist and his family, it also provides an insight into the cultural and artistic currents of which the life, work, and art of August Macke were a part.

The small and intimate rotating exhibitions in the August Macke Haus highlight individual aspects and themes featured in the work of August Macke and his artist friends, thus giving visitors of all age groups a better understanding of the artists and their times.

The August Macke House Museum is being expanded. Built as an addition to the artist's original residence and studio, the new structure will accommodate rotating exhibitions, events, and facilities such as a museum café.

In future the original residence will exclusively be used for a presentation of the artist. It will feature a multimedia exhibition providing visitors with details on the life and works of August Macke.

Construction will be underway until the spring of 2017, after which the interior will be completed. The reopening of the August Macke House Museum is planned for the autumn of 2017.