The August Macke Haus Foundation of the Sparkasse in Bonn

The August Macke Haus Foundation of the Sparkasse in Bonn was established in 1994 at the initiative of Michael Kranz, then CEO of the Sparkasse Bonn, with initial equity capital of DM 500,000. Its goals were to ensure the preservation of the August Macke house and finance the activities of the Verein August Macke Haus e. V.

The purpose of the Foundation is to support and encourage science, research, art, and culture as relates to the field of Rhineland Expressionism and the life and work of August Macke. 1995: the Foundation purchases the August Macke house from the city of Bonn at the symbolic price of DM 1.00.

2002: the Foundation's equity base reaches the amount of Euro 2,820,000.--, not least of all as the result of generous private donations. This made it possible for the first time to appoint a full-time Director and increase the hours of the part-time Secretariat to that of full-time employment.

2004: the Foundation purchases property in direct proximity to the August Macke House on Hochstadenring in accordance with plans to expand the August Macke house.

With the merger of Sparkassen Köln and Sparkasse Bonn in 2005 the Foundation is given its present name. It now possesses an equity capital base of approximately Euro 6 million.

2010: with the support of Sparkasse KölnBonn the Foundation finances and conducts comprehensive modernization work to repair and maintain the August Macke house and make best use of its space. 

2011: thanks to the generous financial assistance of State Minister Bernd Neumann, the German government's Commissioner for Culture and the Media, granted at the initiative of German Foreign Minister Dr. Guido Westerwelle, and with the financial support of Landschaftsverband Rheinland, the August Macke House was repaired, modernized, and spatially reorganized. 

The total expenditure was roughly Euro 740,000.-: the Federal Republic of Germany provided a grant of Euro 500,000.-, and Landschaftsverband Rheinland added Euro 48,000.- for the functional rearrangement of the ground floor. Already in 2010 Sparkasse KölnBonn make available Euro 90,000.- and the August Macke Haus Stiftung der Sparkasse provided Euro 100,000.- to implement the first package of measures

The modernization work is part of the planned expansion conzeptualised by Dr. Klara Drenker-Nagels, whose accomplishment is one of the Foundation's most important objectives.

8 November 2012: in response to the proposal of Dr. Guido Westerwelle, Member of the German Bundestag from Bonn, the Bundestag's Budget Committee decided to support the planned enlargement of the August Macke house in the amount of Euro 3.5 million.

On 21 March 2013 the North-Rhine/Westphalia Foundation for Nature Protection and the Advancement of the Regional Heritage and Culture agreed to make available up to 400,000 Euros for establishing the August Macke Haus as a bigraphical museum dedicated to the artist.

In June 2013 Minister Ute Schäfer stated that the state of North-Rhine/Westphalia would support the construction project in the amount of 1.5 million Euro.

On 17 September 2013 the Federal Government's Commissioner for Cultural Affairs and the Media, Minister of State Bernd Neumann; Bernd Neuendorf, State Secretary in the Ministry for Familiy, Youth, Culture, and Sports of the State of North-Rhine/Westphalia; and Professor Dr. Ludger Sander, Deputy Chairman of the August Macke Haus Foundation of the Sparkasse in Bonn came together in the former studio of August Macke to sign an agreement to finance the construction of an extension to the existing August Macke Haus in the presence of Federal Foreign Minister Dr. Guido Westerwelle who has been particularly active in the effort to obtain federal funding.

On 26 September 2014, the centenary of the death of August Macke, the city of Bonn issued the building permit for the construction of the planned extension unit at the August Macke House.

Spade in Hand, Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, Professor Dr. Monika Grütters, was the first to break ground for the new building on 22 June 2015.

On 13 January the cornerstone was laid. It was designed by sculptor Petra Siering who was awarded the City of Bonn’s August Macke Medal back in 2014.

The topping-off ceremony was celebrated by some 100 guests on 17 June 2016.



Foto: General-Anzeiger Bonn/Benjamin Westhoff

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